iOS to Android Challenge – Some First Impressions

Some random notes from my first few outings with the XL

  • I miss a physical home button that is easily accessible.  Having to click the power button on the side to wake this thing is not as efficient as a quick home button tap that also reads your fingerprint.  Sure, I found later that holding it and sliding my finger on the reader on the back also wakes it, but it is still slower and more awkward than the iPhone.  After a few days I get used to it, and I have set up the advanced/smart locking features to make it more accessible.
  • I have no idea what the icons on the screen are.  There is no text description.  Some are guessable, but still.  That issue goes away fast and the icons are labeled on the alphabetical listing of apps, but for a first time user, the initial experience is not optimal.
  • I needed to sync my contacts fast, I have no idea what people’s phone numbers are so the imported text history and incoming calls/text were essentially anonymous
  • Where is my stuff?!  No really, everything I installed, some must be hiding.  I eventually found it, but again, it wasn’t as intuitive as an iPhone.
  • Hopefully I get used to this keyboard quickly.  It is different, so it feels awful.  This hasn’t really gotten better with time but I am faster with it.  I also tried a few other 3rd-party keyboards but am not very happy with any.
  • Why the heck is the default screen lock 30 seconds?!  Especially since I need to pick up the phone to unlock it, unlike the iPhone where I can just tap the button on the front and be back in quickly.  Ugh.  I jump into the settings and extend that right away.
  • This thing takes a long time to power up.  It could really benefit from some boot up speed optimization.
  • Many versions of apps are better than the Apple counterparts due to Apple’s restrictions and requirements.  TimeHop and Amazon Kindle are two examples where the versions are much nicer.
  • Overall I have been able to get it to do almost everything my iPhone did very quickly with only a few Apple-specific things missing like iMessages, FaceTime, Apple Photos, Find My Friends…
  • The verdict after about a week is that it’s definitely an improvement and better overall, but I am missing somethings like the keyboard and a few Apple services

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