iOS to Android Challenge – Find My Phone / Friends

Here is another unanticipated challenge.  I occasionally use “Find My Phone” to help my wife find her phone.  Since we are on the same AT&T plan I can look up where it is on a map or get it to play a sound even if the speaker is set to silent so we can hear where it is.

As of now, I don’t see an easy fix for this.  Sure there are 3rd-party apps I could install on her phone that would enable cross-platform support, but honestly we do this so seldom that using my iPad or for those things is fine.  It is a little less convenient, but not a huge deal.  It would be nice for Apple to release versions of their Find My Phone and Find My Friends apps, however I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to give up things that provide them competitive advantages or that could potentially impact their ability to tightly control their ecosystem.

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