iOS to Android Challenge – Email

Ahh, email, it seems a necessity, but really, my personal email account is more of a record of purchases and a lot of spam and unneeded advertisements than it is anything important, still, an email client is needed.

The wants me to use the default Gmail client of course, which would be fine if I was using a Gmail email address as my primary one, but I’m not.  I have my Gmail account, and other, all forwarding to my account so I only need to check and reply to mail from one place.

Since I don’t plan on changing this, I need an email client that supports iCloud accounts.  There are plenty, but I go with Boxer, for no great reason other than I’ve used it before.  My favorite and macOS client, Unibox, isn’t available on , and while I’ve tried many others prior to sticking with Unibox, Boxer is one that is compatible.  Plus, it is free, and I trust it as much as I would trust others from an information security perspective.

A few taps in the Google Play Store, Boxer is installed.  It prompts for my iCloud ID and password, and it’s working.

I’m not the biggest fan of Boxer’s interface.  I really like Unibox and the native iOS ones better, but this will do, and perhaps grow on me.  Unibox has also posted that they suspect an Android version may be available in the future, which will be nice.

During this I also learned that touch-and-hold is a way to select and move icons around on the home screen.  That is intuitive enough, pretty much the same as iOS.  I take Gmail out of the “dock”, I’m not sure if that’s the official name of that area or not, but either way, I de-dock it and put Boxer there, and am one tap from email.  Whoo-hoo.

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