iOS to Android Challenge – Digital assistant. What digital assistant?!

I was asked how I feel about Google Assistance rather than Siri.  To be honest, I rarely used Siri for anything “assistant-y”, nothing beyond simple voice control items at most like setting an alarm or starting a timer.  I never found Siri to be very good at more advanced things so stuck to the basics.  I tried using Siri for HomeKit type of things, like controlling smart lights, but it was hit and miss and failed more than it worked.

When it comes to digital assistants, I really like Alexa.  I have three Alexa devices in the house and use them daily.  Alexa greatly outshines Siri in terms of what it can do, “skills” in Alexa terms, and it is much more stable.  For example controlling my lights via Alexa works where Siri regularly failed at the same exact thing.

I find Google Assistant to be about as good as Siri, which is, not good.  Siri seemed better for adding calendar items by voice, but Google Assistant seems to have more features, although they tend to be limited to the Google ecosystem.  Neither stand up to Alexa’s large list of skills and 3rd-party integrations.

Overall the Siri vs. Google Assistant is pretty much a toss-up, and it would be very nice to be able to access Alexa by voice on the .  There is a 3rd-party app in the Google Play store that seems to enable Alexa in this way, but I wouldn’t trust it as the 3rd-party could intercept and/or store anything being heard or requested via Alexa.

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